Ashley Madison Leak

The 13 greatest Tweets That completely summarize The crazy Ashley Madison Leak

For tens of an incredible number of People in the us, its your own greatest anxiety, come to life. The many personal, shameful ways, exposed. Not for the companion to see — they may forgive, with time — but also for your pals, coworkers, high school graduating course. For your parents and siblings. When it comes to buddies you perform basketball with. Yep, the Ashley Madison drip could result in a lot of drama. Which, naturally, suggests it had been blowing abreast of Twitter like nobody’s company yesterday evening.

Speaking of no person’s company… Some Twitter customers thought the leaked data was actually exactly that:

Absolutely nothing anyone put on Ashley Madison is actually any one of my personal business.

In Ashley Madison dump tend to be “15,019 accounts making use of either a .mil or .gov email address”

America checking out regarding Ashley Madison problem in tomorrow’s paper

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