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Hydraulic systems need bleeding to remove any air bubbles and to inject new, clean fluid. The only real fly in the fluid is that £100 really is a lot for two plastic syringes, some bits and a box. If you’re prepared to wait for it to ship from China, generic kits like this one will do pretty much everything the BKD-1 does for £20. Finally, the syringe holder is a nifty bit of kit, a ‘third hand’ to hold a syringe at the bar, fork or frame. It can fit at any angle, freeing you to wrangle the other end without having one syringe dangling, which would likely allow bubbles to escape or cause stress on the couplings.

  • In the case of picking errors we will refund your postage costs on the returned item.
  • Updated alongside the naked CB500F and fully-faired CBR500R, it’s a more engaging riding experience, with the 19in front wheel and well-damped forks providing excellent front end feel, come rain or shine.
  • We’d also like a more user friendly controller for the Bosch Kiox display and possibly a hex bolt to replace the key to release the battery.
  • 4 owners have reviewed their HONDA CB500X ( on) and rated it in a number of areas.

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The adapters all thread snugly with no leaks, and the syringe holder does the job perfectly. The syringe action is smooth, and even exerting quite strong vacuum pressure to draw out bubbles sees no leakage around the plunger. The ergonomic handle makes a one-handed vacuum pull easy to modulate, so you can get things done perfectly. The blocks have 10 and 12mm thick ends, again covering various calliper dimensions, and holes for pad-retaining pins or zip-ties to keep them in place while bleeding. The SRAM Bleeding Edge adapter is large enough to turn with your fingers once attached to the bleed port, facilitating its tool-free port opening/closing. There are a few other bits too, including a compression sleeve to clamp the hose onto a bleed port.

Paired with Park Tool’s excellent how-to videos, it should do any mechanic right. 3.3 If payment in whole or in part is not made within the said period of 30 days, interest on the amount unpaid shall accrue and be payable at the rate of 2% above the Bank of Scotland base rate until payment in full has been made. The switchgear is also basic, but that’s okay because the Fisher Price buttons feel like they’ll stand the test of time and plenty of year-round usage. Starting in Europe, there’s the £5435 single-cylinder BMW G310GS – the entry point to the most iconic family name in modern adventure motorcycling.

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What Park Tool is charging a pretty hefty premium for here is all the bits to suit the popular DOT brands, the handy syringe holder, and a case. You also get Park Tool’s Lifetime warranty, of course, and spares availability. What the scores mean Good scores are more common than bad, because fortunately good products are more common than bad. 4 owners have reviewed their HONDA CB500X ( on) and rated it in a number of areas.

This allows you to fine-tune the spring rate to exactly match your riding style and trail conditions. Real-world tested down to -27°F , the Wren All-Weather damper is the only damper you need to ride in all temperatures. Wren dampers are a sealed cartridge unit that prevents contamination and needs no servicing. The sealed unit uses a flexible bladder to keep the oil under pressure at all times greatly reducing the effects of cavitation at high damper speeds. Wren dampers have both compression and rebound circuits and provide a true lockout.

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Any volume spacers required to optimize your setup are included in the booking price as well as a full settings sheet recording your settings and all the time you need to ask questions. We always recommend having us run you through a full suspension setup before having a re-valve so that we can ascertain that it is the direction you need to go in. Tuning rebound is ultimately more complex due to the high-speed rebound system in all Ohlins products being internally adjustable rather than externally adjustable but again we have got you covered with a wide range of settings available to us from Ohlins.

Piston Ring Set 999-033

It’s got the right beaky nose, golden USD forks and the 313cc motor has some decent low-down kick, but it lacks the smooth refinement of the Japanese CB. Looking at the spec sheet it’s easy to see why – with a claimed circa 300 miles from a tank of fuel, service intervals of every 8000 miles and a strong dealer network. And that’s before you mention the easy handling, comfy riding position and grown-up looks. It’s nicely fuelled, and the light gear change is crisp heading either up or down the six-speed ‘box – helped further by the slipper clutch. The 19in front wheel has been lightened and a new radiator shaves an additional 100g without sacrificing performance. Tweaks to the fuel injection are also said to help boost bottom-end torque and the weight distribution has been tweaked for a little more ballast over the front end.

And the instant response and addictive boost of the Bosch motor meant we had a ton of fun challenging ourselves on the most technical climbs. The price shown is the service price, which includes all service parts and labour. If we need to use extra parts to complete your job, we\’ll give you a call so there are no surprises. If you’ve enjoyed this article, then please consider subscribing to from as little as £1.99. Our mission is to bring you all the news that’s relevant to you as a cyclist, independent reviews, impartial buying advice and more.

World class mountain bike suspension servicing, repair and parts

Already producing 47bhp – the performance cap for the A2 licence class – Honda have now fiddled with the fuel injection settings to improve low-end torque. They’ve also bolted in a slightly smaller radiator, which shaves a further 100g off the total weight. Elsewhere, there’s a lighter swingarm that shaves just over a kilo and adds a claimed how to become a cybersecurity specialist software development more lateral flex and torsional stiffness. The five-stage preload-adjustable rear shock has also been revised to match the new forks. This gives you 16,384 possible permutations of set up and that’s before you factor in air pressure and volume tokens. It’s no wonder that people can get a little overwhelmed with setting their own bikes up.

The Wren TwinAir System is designed to fine-tune the ride of the fork using only your air pump. The TwinAir system is similar to the token system used in other suspension forks but is infinitely more adjustable. Tokens are a fixed size and each one you drop-in gives you a jump in the spring rate. The floating piston in the TwinAir system can be moved as little or as much as you want.

Item 04&08 Primary Drive Assy 293-490

We’ll match that price giving you the guaranteed lowest price possible. The Trek Rail 9 is as rewarding to ride as it is easy to live with. Your booking will show \’awaiting confirmation\’ until your suspension arrives with us. Rest assured that your diary time is reserved as soon as you complete the booking.

  • The floating piston in the TwinAir system can be moved as little or as much as you want.
  • The Honda CB500X feels very well made and the gold USD forks and contemporary design work have all the hallmarks of a bike costing double the money.
  • Starting in Europe, there’s the £5435 single-cylinder BMW G310GS – the entry point to the most iconic family name in modern adventure motorcycling.
  • The price shown is the service price, which includes all service parts and labour.
  • Hydraulic systems need bleeding to remove any air bubbles and to inject new, clean fluid.

8 clicks of high-speed damping on both the compression and rebound circuit. Aside from the immense bike skill and talent gap, the main reason would be the bike isn’t set up for us. Gold valve gives you 3 HSC options whilst the blue valve gives you a pedal platform. These are offered to us in a “settings bank” tuning solution from which we can pick ideal damper shim arrangements.

No such complaints at the rear however, where Trek’s exclusive F1-derived Thru Shaft damper gave both excellent small bump sensitivity and generous mid-stroke support. The damping rod passes right through the shock body, so there’s no need for a pressurised internal floating piston to allow for oil displacement, and this creates a more sensitive damping circuit. We mostly ran the shock in the softest low-speed compression setting, but did find the middle position useful for raising the ride height slightly without eating into comfort levels too much. The TwinAir system divides the air chamber in half using a floating piston.

Please refer to the availability lead times for more information on when these items will be dispatched. Price matches will not be issued retroactively and a price match request will only be validated prior to the customer placing the order. A price match can not be used in conjunction with any other offers, vouchers, promotions, sale items or discounts by Urban Rider. The product must match the exact item we are selling in model, colour and size. Fine tune your Rockshox forks with our half size Bottomless token which can screw directly onto an existing genuine token. Trek hasn’t tried to achieve the shortest chainstay length, so with the steep effective seat angle, you’ve got a bike that’s just as capable up as down.

It holds syringes firmly, can be rotated easily and the rubber fixing strap is thick and strong. In the box are two plastic syringes with shaped plunger heads and two-fingered handles, and thickly-threaded hose fixings. There are two really supple 8in hoses, with machined and sealed fittings to fit colour-coded adapters for SRAM, SRAM Bleeding Edge, Hayes, and a universal M6 thread adapter. Inside the robust box lid is a sticker to remind you which adapter is which. The Park Tool BKD-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit is an all-in-one answer to bleeding pretty much any DOT fluid brake, including today’s SRAM ‘Bleeding Edge’ brakes.

The new Luftkappe just makes the fork feel so much closer to the 2019, 180mm Lyrik that I have on my big rig. There is a good amount of mid-range support, so you don’t feel that you’re diving into corners, or sinking on landings from drops and jumps, but at the same time it is really supple off the top of the stroke. I guess the bottom line is that the Luftkappe spring is on par with, or possibly slightly better than, the latest Debonair offerings from Rockshox. If you have an older fork, and want it to feel like a newer one, get a Luftkappe spring fitted.”

Wren All-Weather dampers are maintenance-free ensuring consistent performance over the life of the damper. It is now far plusher off the top, so I get much less of a buzz in my hands and wrists, but it also absorbs the big hits really well . The fork is fitted to my daily driver, which rocks everything from 25 mile round trip commuting, to most of the DH trails at Gawton, and everything in between. With the Solo Air spring, I found that I was not getting such a good range of useable compression damping, as well as a much harsher ride on chattery trails, like we have on Dartmoor.

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The ability to save cards for use on the Company’s websites is offered by the payment provider for convenience and at the cardholder’s risk. 4.7 As a registered user of the Company’s websites it is possible to save credit or debit card details for future use. These details are held on a secure server by the payment provider and not by the Company. The Company’s websites hold a ‘token’ which identifies to the payment provider the card saved against the registered user. At the point of paying for an order the relevant token or tokens held will, at checkout, bring up the card details saved.

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